Lolly Wrap
Cushioned Pole Safety Cover

Safe, Padded and durable, both indoors and out




Lolly Wrap’s Safety Padded Pole Cover

Safety Padded Pole Cover

Lolly Wrap™ is a padded protective covering. Transform dangerous rusty steel poles into durable and safe designs. (basketball courts, garages, basements, swing sets)

It’s Safe, Soft and Durable, both Indoors and Out. Great for Child Safety, Daycare, Playground, Safety, Cushion

For You And Your Kids!!!

Lolly Wrap™ is a Patented product that was designed for the purpose of padding any hard pole type object for safety or cosmetic purposes. Its’ inherent quality is to quickly and effortlessly convert a hard steel  or wood pole with corners into a SAFE, SOFT and ATTRACTIVE design that would then be padded. The tough and durable high gloss white or tan outer plastic skin will clean easily and maintain its attractive appearance while protecting the specially designed internal heavy duty  foam padding from being cut or picked at by curious children.

Kids Can’t:
Beat it, eat it, chew it, chip it, bite it, peel it, crack it, split it, cut it, wear it out, it’s crayon proof, water proof, mildew proof, it’s non toxic, cleans up like a breeze, never needs painting & maintenance free

The internal padding / cushion is made of a high density multi layered foam. We use to use a heavy duty nylon bubble wrap but found the foam to last longer and offer a superior pole padding / cushioning effect. Your package will come the the proper amount of foam padding to wrap your pole and the roll is perforated at the appropriate pre-measured length for easy tearing and installation.

Lolly Wrap is a Safe, Soft, Durable Solution

Each package contains a one size fits all 2 piece telescoping/pre-curled sleeve application with very aggressive pressure sensitive tape to seal and bond the sleeves together. In outdoor conditions, this pressure sensitive tape is designed to withstand harsh indoor and outdoor elements. One Lolly Wrap package will supply enough padding to accommodate  basement pole or any other type of pole with a height of up to 8 feet with an outside pole diameter of up to 5 inches. More than one package can be used in conjunction with another for padding poles of greater heights and diameters because of its telescoping pole design.

Lolly Wrap™ Installation Guide

Primary Uses Of Lolly Wrap™

Padding those rusty steel poles (also known as lally or lolly columns) with Lolly Wrap in basements and playrooms help protect your children and other’s when playing in and around your home.

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Padding those poles will protect your kids from mishaps while playing in the basement or on the swings. Metal support poles on swing sets can be a rude awakening for an innocent child.

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Padding / Impact protection on your portable or stationary basketball rim and backboard support pole. When yours and your neighbor’s kids basketball game gets a little rough. Think of that rusting chipped up (or soon to be) steel pole holding up that basketball rim and backboard in your driveway and how it will always need scraping and painting each year to keep it respectable. Once the Lolly Wrap is padding your pole, no more maintenance and peace of mind when the kids are playing basketball.

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Think about padding with a Lolly Wrap, that support pole in your garage you always seem to bang when opening the car door. Or when unloading groceries or the kids, that pesky pole seems to be always in the way and is very unforgiving should you bang the car door not to mention your own head or one of your children’s.

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Cushioned Pole Safety Cover

Cushioned pole safety cover for just $79.99 each

Two Color Options (White & Tan)
($10.00 extra for tan color)

Plus $25.00 for shipping and handling per unit. When purchasing more than three the shpping and handling drops to $20.00 per unit. Order Today. It’s Safe, Soft & Durable; Both Indoors and Out. Call and order your Lolly Wrap; Available in Two Color Options “White or Tan”

When purchasing 6 or more, your reduced bulk price is $72.99 per unit plus $20 per unit for shipping and handling. Go in with family, friends and and neighbors with kids and purchase in bulk and save. It’s easy to get other parents to purchase with you. Everyone wants to protect their kids.

Returns in original/salable condition within 30 days of receiving order will be credited promptly less the original shipping cost and a 20% re-stocking fee

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