Basketball Pole Padding Cushioned Safety Pole Cover

Protect your kids today. Don't Wait

Impact protection on BOTH PORTABLE AND STATIONARY TYPE basketball rim & backboard column supports. Pole padding for safety

When your and your neighbor's kids basketball game gets a little rough. Think of that rusting chipped up (or soon to be) steel pole holding up that basketball rim & backboard in your driveway and how it will always need scraping and painting each year to keep it respectable. Once the LOLLY WRAP is on, no more maintenance and peace of mind when the kids are playing basketball.

Lolly Wrap basement pole padded wrap / padding is a Safe, Soft, Durable Solution

Each package contains a one size fits all 2 piece telescoping/pre-curled sleeve application.  As a part of it’s design, it has aggressive pressure sensitive tape to bond the sleeves together. It’s function in garages and basements for column padding is not it’s only use. Besides that, it’s used in outdoor conditions as well for padding the basketball backboard support. The aggressive pressure sensitive tape is designed to withstand harsh outside elements. One Lolly Wrap package will accommodate a support column height of up to 8 feet.  It will accommodate a lally column with an outside diameter of up to 5 inches.  Lolly Wrap units can be combined for larger applications. Therefore poles that are larger in dimensions can be covered as well. Because of it’s overlapping and telescoping design, it is very flexible in its application and installation.

Basketball padded pole wrap column covers are critical to the safety of your kids when they are playing outside in the driveway or yard.  Don’t let safety take a back seat to your child.  As a parent, I’m sure you’ve realized by now, sports at home can be a rough and tumble hazard. Basketball is a contact sport. Safety and protection are big factors when they start to play rough. They deserve some level of protection should they accidentally fall or get pushed into that support column.