Installation Diagram for Lolly Wrap Pole Cover

STEP 1-a) Unroll Foam Cushion, at perforated mark, tear off one 30″ X 48″ sheet. Start with the lower section of the lally column. Using the 30″ length, wrap around column twice . This will cover 48″ high on the column. Secure it in place with any common house hold tape.

STEP 1-b) Repeat process and cover the remaining upper half of the column. Trim away any excess Foam Cushion at the top to meet current or approximate future ceiling height with scissors or utility knife.

STEP 2) Once lally column is completely covered with Foam Cushion, place one sleeve of LOLLY WRAP around the bottom of the column. Before adhering, peel off adhesive strips on the inside top and bottom of the LOLLY SLEEVE then pull overlapping edges together tightly for a snug fit, peel off adhesive strip on the inside overlapping edge and bond edges together.

STEP 3) Apply 2nd LOLLY sleeve to upper section. This time overlap the lower sleeve and slide up or down to accomodate your ceiling height. (NOW) Peel tape strips on inside top, bottom and inside overlapping edge of LOLLY sleeve as in step 2 and adhere in place with a tight fit. LOLLY WRAP will extend to a max height of 94″ or 7ft.10in. (Allowing approximately 1-2 inches overlap for maximum LOLLY WRAP height extension.)

STEP 4) LOLLY WRAP can be resized and adjusted. The peel and stick edge, though a strong bond, can be re-adjusted a few times during installation with similar bonding results.



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