Basement Pole Padding , Garage Pole Padding , Basketball Pole Padding , Cushion Pole Wrap

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Basement Pole Safety Cushion for your Home and Playground

Make your home a Safe Zone

basement pole cushion garage pole wrap column cover

 Basement Pole Padding, Garage Pole Padding , Basketball Pole Padding, Child Playground Safety

Garage Support Lally Pole / Garage Lally Column Padding/ Lolly Column Pole Padding
Your Car doors now can be cushioned , padded & protected in tight spaces or when swung open hastily in your garage.

It’s garage pole padding that’s Soft and Durable, both indoors and out.  Because that garage lolly column pole is always in the way, you will need to cover it.  Don’t let that garage support lolly column dent or scratch your car door. In addition, its great for child safety allowing you to pad the basement poles. In addition for your daycare center or for safety on the playground.  Your lolly garage column as well as your basement pole need these Lolly Wrap cushion pole covers. They will provide the safety pole padding for you and your Kids to live with and play around in!!!


Here’s the typical situation, you have the kids playing in the basement when one pushes another into those basement lally columns.  Now you’re off to the emergency room with yours or worse, your neighbors kid.  All this could have been avoided. Lolly Wrap as a safety pole cover will help prevent all those basement accidents from being more serious.


Here’s the typical situation, you pull into your garage and unload the kids or groceries. Because that garage lally column is in the way, it can make it hard to open car doors and get around.  Therefore, it’s a safety hazard and something easily covered, padded and made safe. Your garage activity needs protection from that annoying lally column or as some call it a lolly column.  Don’t let your safety, more importantly the kids be compromised. Besides that, your car doors will always be impacted by that looming rusty steel lally column and ruin your day.


The correct technical name of this steel column in your basement, garage and holding up your basketball hoop is actually LALLY column.  Many homeowners have also called it a LOLLY column due to the name being mistakenly mispronounced. It was named after it’s inventor Bill Lally.


The Lolly Wrap is not like any other type of cushioned column padding.  Most importantly, it exceeds other basement or garage column pole pads, bumper pads and other commercial foam column cushion products. It’s a home safety pole padding system that’s inexpensive and easy to install.

Lolly Wrap™ is a Patented product that was designed to give you safe cushioned column pad for use on your basement lally pole / column.  Its’ inherent quality is to quickly and effortlessly convert a hard round or square support poles into a foam cushioned, SAFE and ATTRACTIVE design.  As an added benefit, the protective cover is easy to clean and keep the kids safety a priority as well.

The tough and durable high gloss WHITE OR TAN outer skin enclosure will clean easily with any solution.   This durable lally pole cover will maintain its attractive appearance.  Most importantly protecting the specially designed foam cushion enclosure from being cut or picked at by curious children when playing.

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